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Highlighted Child from show airing 4-19-10


Zinah (left) is a polite, friendly 15-year-old with a charming smile that draws people to her. She is easy to talk to and very funny. Her favorite activities include watching television and spending time with her friends, especially her sister, Cecilia. In the ninth grade in school, Zinah struggles a bit with math and science, but reaches out to get the help she needs. She enjoys helping with the chores in her foster home.

Polite and well-mannered, Cecilia (right), 13, has a strong personality and is extremely happy with herself. She likes to read, watch television cartoons and play with her friends. Enrolled in the eighth grade, she earns good marks. Cecilia especially looks forward to going to school because it gives her the opportunity to make new friends. Like her older sister, Cecilia takes pleasure in helping her foster mother around the house. Zinah and Cecilia are very close and dream of being adopted together.

For adoption information, access the National Adoption Center’s website at

For further information on Zinah and Cecilia, contact


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