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Highlighted Child from show airing 5-03-10

Thomas, 16, enjoys a variety of activities including playing basketball and baseball, running track, riding his bike, going to movies and spending time with his friends. He is a fan of rap music and even writes his own songs. He keeps a collection of his songs in a book that he has been working on since the 7th grade.

A sophomore in high school, his favorite classes are gym, swimming, history and English, because he likes writing poetry. One of his poems was published in the school magazine. When he grows up, he wants to join the Marines, continue his poetry writing and start a family of his own.

Thomas wants a family that is fun and likes to travel. The family can be two-parent or a single male or female. It would be nice to have a brother his age or a little older. Thomas would also like to have a pet. He is eligible for financial subsidy.

For adoption information, access the National Adoption Center’s website at

For further information on Thomas, contact:


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